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One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown

is the belief that one's work is terribly important.

4/17/11 04:02 pm

I had to turn on the Captcha option to separate the reviewers from the robots. Sorry for any inconvience.

3/31/11 12:18 am - The Quiet House

Title: The Quiet House
Characters: Arthur, Eames, a few OCs.
Genre: Gen, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13 for violence.
Word Count: 8504
Warnings: Death of a parent. Someone has a stroke. Also, some violence.
Summary: Arthur has a very good reason to be back in his hometown. He has a very good reason for inviting Eames there, too. Probably.
Author's Note: Post-Inception. A friendship fic, disguised as a background fic for Arthur.

The Quiet HouseCollapse )

6/2/10 12:20 am - For the Logurt community's "Remember when" theme.

Title: Home.
Author: Roily Riddles
Pairing: Logan/Kurt
Summary: Logan tries to get over things in an abandoned church.
Rating: G.
(Warning: SPOILERS ahead for those who haven't read X-Force #26.)

"I don't think the thought of going home is morbid, my friend."Collapse )

4/24/09 02:50 am

This was also posted on ship_manifesto, but this is a more edited version. I ran into a bug that made the LJ-cut refuse to co-operate with aligned text. When trying to post to the community, it took me forever to get the cut to work without the formatting being completely shot to heck.
Once it was posted, I tried to go back and edit some errors I had missed, but a quick look at the html revealed that it was screwing up the lj-cut, so I did not go through with the editing, as I did not want to assault the poor community members' friends-pages.
So it's up there, but with some pesky formatting errors and the occasional spelling mistake. D'oh. I feel kind of bummed about it, as I worked pretty damn hard on that thing, so that's why I re-post an improved version here, where I can fiddle with it while on the "private" setting.

Title: I got you - a Logurt manifesto.
Logan/Kurt aka Wolverine/Nightcrawler aka "Logurt".
Word count:
Some regarding the outcome of the Mutant Massacre, the outcome of Wolverine #6 by Greg Rucka and some from the last storyline of Nightcrawler's late solo series by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa as well as part of the outcome of the Get Mystique arc in Wolverine #62-#65.
Notes: This will primarily be a manifesto for the friendship these two share, as that is the fundamental reason for why I ship them. There are scans a-plenty ahead, so dial-uppers might want to tread carefully.
Onward with the manifesto.Collapse )

7/31/08 12:26 am - Percolating.

Current status: working on a thing with four chapters. It involves Logan, Kurt, Beast and a log cabin in the middle of nowhere.

2/27/08 08:25 pm

Well. This was quick, wasn't it? A little too quick, perhaps, but hey, life's too short.
This had more to do with chess, initially (although even then, not very much), but I ended up scraping all that off as it didn't really relate much to the core of the story. This takes place, in my head, some time after Messiah Complex (the events referred to are from X-men #205) and before the Europe trip in Uncanny X-men #495.

Title: Confessions
Fandom: X-men
Characters: Nightcrawler, Wolverine
Rating: G
#14 - chess
Disclaimer: All characters herein are owned by Marvel.

(...)there was something at once resigned and pleading about his look.Collapse )

2/21/08 07:30 pm

"This took how many months??", you say. And so do I. Geez.
A kind of sad little fic. But it has pirate zombies? And the occasional zombie seagull thrown in for good measure.

Title: In memoriam.
Fandom: X-men
Characters: Nightcrawler, Wolverine
Rating: PG-13 for some violence, gore (not too graphic), and heavy themes.
#13 - we all float on
Disclaimer: Marvel owns them all. Except Sophie.

'No. She is GONE,' Kurt emphasized. 'She will not be cloned by scientists, she will not be brought back by a cosmic force, she-' He stopped himself. 'Ach. Never mind.' Collapse )

2/16/08 03:50 pm

I have to rant, and since it's about writing, I figured I'd do it here.

Regarding 'soulmates' in fictionCollapse )

Now I will go eat. And work on that pesky fic.
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10/7/07 02:03 am - Mumble mutter mumble...

A writer's musings.Collapse )

8/26/07 08:30 pm - The continued wacky misadventures of Elf and Runt.

Title: On mutant/human relations.
Fandom: X-men
Characters: Nightcrawler, Wolverine
Genre: Humor?
Rating: PG-13 for bad behavior.
Theme: #12 - children
Disclaimer: Marvel's property and not mine.

...and then they heard a drunk voice call Kurt a 'poor man's Spiderman'. The evening suddenly took a much more interesting turn.Collapse )
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